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Complying and Exempt Development
Do I need Council approval?
If you are thinking about building or developing in Bankstown it is important to recognise that not all building work requires the consent of Council.

In some cases common minor works such as carports, air conditioners, swimming pools, cutting down trees, fences etc do not require Council approval if they satisfy certain pre-determined standards or criteria.

Exempt development
Exempt development is development that has minimal environmental impact on neighbouring amenity where, subject to satisfying pre-determined standards, there is no need for any planning or construction approval. Exempt development typically covers small-scale structures associated with a dwelling such as sheds, pergolas, fences, rainwater tanks and fixed barbeques.

Complying development
Complying development is development that complies with development standards for a particular type of development. Planning and construction approval can be obtained with the lodgement of a complying development certificate application with Council or an accredited certifier. Complying development certificate applications must be determined within a statutory timeframe of ten (10) days.

As of 1 July 2014, a developer is required to apply to Council for a 'Part B' Footway/Infrastructure Damage Inspection (FDI) and pay the relevant Road Infrastructure Damage Deposit prior to the issue of the Complying Development Certificate for development works over $25, 000. The Road Infrastructure Damage Deposit is refundable if no damage has occurred to the Road Infrastructure as a result of the development on the property. You can apply for a FDI using the Work Permit Application.

What is a Development Application?
If, because of the nature of your work or development it falls outside the pre-determined standards of exempt or complying development then you will be required to lodge a development application with Council.

A Development Application (DA) is a formal request for permission to carry out "development". "Development" includes:

• the erection and/or alteration of a building or structure;
• any work in, over, or under land;
• the use of land or a building; and
• the subdivision of land

All such work requires a Development Application unless it can be considered as exempt or complying development.

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