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Bankstown City Council

Overseeing a City which is home to approximately 185,000 residents, Bankstown City Council provides more than one hundred services and maintains $877million worth of community assets and infrastructure. 

Council has an ongoing commitment to our residents, in developing and implementing a range of community programs, projects, and service planning and delivery initiatives.

The Council is comprised of twelve Councillors – three elected in each of the four wards (North, South, East and West), who are responsible for determining community plans, policy, authorising budgets and providing direction for the organisation. They are elected every four years, with the Mayor elected by Councillors annually.

The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Council and is supported by four Directors who control the functional areas of Corporate and Financial Services, City Assets and Infrastructure, City Planning and Environment and City Services.

Bankstown City Council is committed to engaging with residents to ensure they have a meaningful say in decisions that affect the current and future plans for the City.