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Cybersmart Families
The internet is an incredible tool for research, communication and entertainment. However, there are risks associated with using the internet and parents and their children should be aware of these to ensure a positive online experience.

Internet Safety Tips for Young People
  • Think before you post information online- once posted it's difficult to remove
  • Ask your parent/ carer before you give anyone on the internet your name, address or personal details
  • Be careful who you trust online
  • Always keep your password a secret
  • Set your profile to 'private' so your personal information is kept secret
  • If someone is nasty, offensive or threatening to you, don't respond to them, block the user
  • Don't open messages from people you don't know
  • Don't accept any offers that seem too good to be true

Internet Safety Tips for Parents
  • Supervise children when they are on the internet. The level of supervision will depend on the child's age and knowledge
  • Set house rules about when children can give out or share personal information such as name, address or mobile number
  • Educate children about the risks of internet use and safe behaviour
  • Talk to your child's school if they are being bullied by another student
  • Keep a record of any harassing messages and any replies. This may help identify who is sending them
  • Contact police if you think a child is in immediate danger from contact made online