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Recycle Right Program
The project
Recycle Right
Recycle Right because
it's the right thing to do!
Since the introduction of the household recycling service 20 years ago, councils have experienced challenges in helping residents understand how to Recycle Right.

To address this, Council started work on a major project that aims to reduce contamination rates in yellow bins to below 10%.

The Recycle Right campaign has been well researched, tested, evaluated and now ready to release to households across the local area.  It's also been developed with extensive consultation of our community to make sure the messages are widely accepted in our area.

Recycle Right because it's the right thing to do!
The project involves Officers randomly inspecting resident's yellow bins before collection and giving feedback as to how well they recycled.

So far, our residents have been very receptive to the program and contamination rates have been decreasing but we need your help!

By simply taking the time to ensure your yellow bin only has the acceptable materials, you will be joining thousands of other households in our area also doing the right thing.

Industry Recognition
Green Globe Award 2012
Part of the Resource Recovery Team
with the Premier's Green Globe Award 2012
Council is very proud of this project as it represents industry best-practice and innovation to suit a culturally diverse community.

The Resource Recovery Team has won many awards for this project both at state and national level and the concepts are now being used by a range of other councils across the state.
  • Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Cities Awards 2011 - Highly Commended in Environmental Education category
  • LGSA Excellence in Environment Awards 2011 - Winner of Community Education and Empowerment category
  • Local Government Communications Awards 2012 - Winner of Best Community Engagement category
  • Local Government Innovation in Waste Awards 2012 - Winner
  • LGSA RH Dougherty Awards 2012 - Winner of Excellence in Communication category
  • Premier's Green Globe Awards 2012 - Winner of Waste and Recycling category

The Film
Another reason why the project was so successful within the industry was because Council produced a short film that showed the project in action.  This was to be used to demonstrate to other industry professionals the best-practice methods utilised.

You may wish to view the film and see for yourself the hard work that went into the research, program development, trials and evaluation stages.